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The Company has been registered 2001 in Lugano / Switzerland. The Central  Booking Office in Tessin can be contacted
by e-mail: info@sds-swiss.com  by phone +41 - 91 - 943 48 25
or (if you don`t use e-mail) by letter to SDS Europe, PO Box 149, CH- 6965 Cadro.
Handling and technical support at the destination will be provided by the branch office or local agents. Boats and Services are available for Dive Cruises and Pleasure Trips to customers and tourism professionals around the world.
Our offer in and around the Red Sea down to Djibouti and Socotra.

Our website is new - not perfect -  but contains reliable information. We will improve and rebuild the presentation whenever we can.

Dive Cruises and Pleasure Trips in Egyptian Waters
Ports of embarkation / disembarkation Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh for the North trip, Safaga for the Middle trip and for the South trip Marsa Ghaleb or Marsa Alam. The airports of Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam will be served for transfers.

Dive Cruises Sudan
You shall arrive on Saturday via Cairo in the airport of  Port Sudan and then embark for the North trip (7 days) or South trip (two weeks) in Sudanese waters. Recently started FlyDubai to connect Dubai to Port Sudan at low-cost rates.

Diving in Eritrea
Cruises in the Red Sea of Eritrea are scheduled aboard the local built sambuco Tesfa, simply equipped for sporting divers and aboard the more comfortable S/Y Maila.
Island based diving from Club Village bungalows on Dissei island with daily excursions shall be available for winter season.
The airport in Asmara (capital of Eritrea) will be served for round trips to Massawa.

Diving in Yemen
Dive resorts on the islands of Kamaran and Socotra organise daily dive excursions.

Dive Cruises in Djibouti
It is not so easy to go there (best via Paris or Sana`a / Dubai), but great to dive there.