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Island of Socotra

Socotra from satteliteTourist map by courtesy of SCDP
Dragon blood trees Socotra is called “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean”
The island is subjected to monsoon winds during the summer months (June, July, August) with an average speed between 13-18 Km /h, whose speed decreases gradually  during September till end at the beginning of October. This is the rainy season with an average humidity ratio between 55% as the maximum in August and 7% as the minimum in January. Best time to visit this island is during European winter until May.

Reports and opinions

UNDP http://www.socotraisland.org/brochure-socotra.pdf
Günter Ermlich hat die Insel besucht. Bericht in ZEIT Online Ermlich

Lieckfeld schreibt
an den damaligen Präsidenten
The Economist http://www.economist.com/realarticleid.cfm?redirect_id=15955312

Cucumber trees are

Diving and Trekking
is organised for small groups by Norbert Schmidt. Each group will be accompanied by a ranger from the SCDP (Socotra Conservation and Development Programme)

Single rock on Muni plateau

Shadow is used by a group
of tourists with Toyota 4WD
for the camp and overnight